Procurement Tools (2B): Risk Management – How to Avoid Catastrophic Supplier Failure

Procurement Tools (2B): Risk Management – How to Avoid Catastrophic Supplier Failure

SPECIFIC Techniques for Avoiding Every Manufacturer’s Nightmare

It is inevitable that some critical supplier… probably a supplier half-way around the globe (and with difficult logistics), will someday catastrophically impact your manufacturing plant operations. I’m talking about a supplier whose actions, or inactions, idle your factory, causing you to lose revenue, lose profits, and damage your company’s reputation. You don’t believe this can happen to your company?

■ Ask Mattel
■ Ask Toyota Motors
■ Ask Boeing Commercial Aircraft Company
■ Ask Siemens
■ Ask Ericsson Telecommunications
■ Ask LuLuLemom
■ Ask Ford Motor Company

These are all top performing companies, with sophisticated supply chain leadership… and EVERY ONE of these has experienced supplier catastrophes that shut down one or more of their production lines. Yet, even for these top-performing companies, there were TWO techniques they could have implemented, that would likely have eliminated these catastrophic experiences.

Globalization of supply chains has rewritten all the rules… and the risks of global commerce. Predictable delivery reliability, attainment of quality expectations EVERY TIME, and a demonstrated ability of Suppliers to partner with your company, are not “nice-to-haves.” They are the new mandates in the global supply world, where distances can be great, supply complexities can be even greater, and the consequences of poor supply can be devastating to your bottom line.

This innovative and dramatic presentation presents TWO tangible techniques, that if implemented, will reduce by over 90%, the probability of a supplier’s catastrophic failure impacting your company. This presentation will surely change your views relating to critical supplier management. Techniques presented are no-nonsense, and immediately implementable.

Learning Objectives

1. Learn how to identify a potential for a catastrophic supplier performance risk.
2. Learn who really pays when a supplier catastrophically fails.
3. Learn the THREE desired behaviors we expect from EVERY supplier.
4. Learn how catastrophic supplier failures damage your company’s valuation.
5. Learn how to stratify risks so your company can focus on the ones that are most likely to occur.
6. Learn how to select the most critical suppliers to assess.
7. Learn how to avoid catastrophic supplier-derived risks.

For anyone who is seriously concerned about avoiding supply chain disruptions, and mitigating supply-side risks, this is a MUST-SEE presentation to attend.

Alan G. Dunn
President and Chairman
GCI Training Company (and past national APICS Chairman of the Board of Directors)
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    October 7, 2019 1:45 pm
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