Get Ready! Global Supply Chain Challenges 2022 – 2027

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Get Ready! Global Supply Chain Challenges 2022 – 2027

Supply chains in the next five years will, in design, be much like they are today.  Globalization will still be THE major driver, as will design criteria of cloud-based resource information and management systems.  Logistics systems will also likely remain much the same, at least in terms of design.  All of these similarities will be stressed beyond original design, though they are expected to continue to work acceptably.  These similarities, while providing comfort to supply chain professionals, are where the similarities will end.

Tools and mechanisms that professionals use to manage global supply chains will continue to evolve at a rapid pace.  Technology advances will change how professionals interact with their complex globalized supply chains, how they manage and optimize them, and how they transfer value to customers.  Leading the way will be tangible, useful, and available tools borne from the convergence of advancements in THREE enabling technology groups, including:

  1. The convergence of enabling big data analytics with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).
  2. The convergence of enabling blockchain ledgers with ERP, CRM, MES, WMS and S&OP systems, through all echelons of end-to-end global supply chains.
  3. The convergence of augmented and virtual reality enabling technologies in user interfaces.

A second and more interesting element has emerged in the just the last 2 years – state actors using government policy to shape their supply chains in ways that benefit their (national) constituents.  Supply chain leaders must now become students of national interests, and how those interests will impact the supply chains their companies depend upon.  The concept of “Sovereign Supply Chains” will be introduced.

Mr. Dunn will also address the 1.96+ million (up 160,000 from 2021 projections) supply chain professional shortage that is predicted to exist by 2030.  He will address how to advance one’s career, by learning these new enabling technologies, and developing global teams to do the same.  Technical, organizational, cultural, and behavioral impediments to implementing future supply chain tools will be addressed, so that participants can return to their respective companies, and begin to prepare the changes that are on the way.  


Alan G. Dunn
President & Chairman
GDI Consulting & Training Company
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    October 3, 2022 10:05 am

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