SCM Cutting Edge Concepts (2C): Developing Supply Management Talent

SCM Cutting Edge Concepts (2C): Developing Supply Management Talent

The challenge in developing talent today is quite complicated, as the need to develop the global team requires an entirely different model than the training models used in the past.

There are multiple generations in the workforce, each requiring different ways to learn and apply new skills.  Many companies are rejecting the seminar and classroom models, for a new digital learning model.

This presentation/workshop provides insight into different categories of learners, and a program to be able to provide learning to people on-demand, in media best suited for each type of learner.  The digital learning model uses all forms of media including e-learning, podcasts, knowledge and research, videos, and other programs – when harnessed together, can provide a custom program of learning for each individual.

Vice President of Operations, Americas
The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply
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    October 7, 2019 1:45 pm
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