Jim Lawton

Jim LawtonJim Lawton

Jim Lawton is experienced in both start-up and Fortune 500 environments. Jim’s career has focused on building organizations that give manufacturers new and effective ways to capitalize on the intersection of technology and business performance. From early days in e-commerce market and supply chain optimization, to supplier risk management, Jim has been on the forward edge of innovation, that changes what world-class manufacturing looks like.

Since 2013, Jim has focused on the opportunity for manufacturers to harness advanced automation and collaborative robots, to transform their operations, and how the world thinks about work. He joined Universal Robots in 2018, and today leads product innovation, quality, and delivery, of the company’s advanced collaborative robots to manufacturers and distributors, all over the world.

Jim holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University, an MS in Electrical Engineering from MIT, and an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, where he was a member in the inaugural Leaders for Manufacturing program.

Speaker Details
  • Title
    Vice President, Product Management and Marketing
  • Company
    Universal Robotics A/S
  • Presentation
    SCM Cutting Edge Concepts (3C): Economic Volatility Cometh and Robots are Ready