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Daniel Theobald

Daniel TheobaldDaniel Theobald is the Chief Innovation Officer and founder of Vecna Robotics, the autonomous mobile robot and workflow orchestration company. Daniel has decades of experience leading research scientists and teams of engineers in developing cutting edge technology. He has 67 issued patents and more than 30 patents pending.

Daniel founded Vecna in 1998, and without taking any outside investment, he grew the company to serve a worldwide customer base.  A true visionary, Daniel has been designing robots for decades, including the renowned Bear disaster recovery robot, and an end-to-end fleet of logistics robots. His other work includes advanced automation components, such as

• Biomimetic muscle,
• Hydraulics, and
• Machine perception technology.

Daniel has been on the forefront of robotics for more than 20 years, working closely with DARPA, DOD, NASA, NIH, USDA and many others to advance the use of robots and AI software to improve supply chain automation.  In addition to founding Vecna Robotics, Daniel also co-founded MassRobotics, a non-profit dedicated to the global advancement of the robotics industry.

Daniel graduated at the top of his class from MIT, and was honored with the Henry Ford II Scholar Award.  He continued his graduate work as an NSF fellow in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Laboratory at MIT, developing web-based control algorithms for a robotic Mars explorer. His academic record and research earned him an award from the Hertz Foundation.

Daniel is dedicated to the idea that technology can be used to empower people worldwide to live more fulfilling lives.

Daniel Theobald

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    Chief Innovation Officer & Founder Vecna Robotics; President & Co-Founder MassRobotics  

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    Vecna Robotics & MassRobotics 

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    Preparing for the Warehouse of 2030: A Flexible Approach to Automation