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C. Dick LingC. (Dick) Ling

Dick is recognized as the creator of Sales and Operations Planning, and well regarded as an educator, speaker, and consultant. He coauthored the first book on Sales and Operations Planning. After graduating from the University of Rochester, Dick joined IBM, where he gained valuable experience helping manufacturing companies utilize some of the first computers in manufacturing effectively. The most notable of these was Wilmot Castle Co., in the early sixties, when Dick helped them implement time phased, level by level requirements planning, before it was called MRP.

Dick’s interest in manufacturing applications led him to Arista Information Systems in North Carolina, where he implemented MRP systems for companies such as Ingersoll Rand and Warner & Swasey, in the early seventies. He and his staff developed MRP software with the first Master Scheduling capability in the industry. This software also had the first planning bill capability.

Ollie Wight recognized what Dick was accomplishing at Arista, and he asked him to conduct a “Hands on MRP” class for the Oliver Wight companies in 1974. Dick ran that class with Walt Goddard, and in later years with Al Stevens and John Sari. Ollie decided to expand his education offerings, and asked several people to join him to conduct education classes, and consult with clients. Dick became an Education Associate in 1979 and worked with the Oliver Wight organization until 1992. He conducted classes in the US, the UK, and Australia, helping to grow the business, and groom other instructors. Dick’s specialties were the Master Scheduling class, and The Sales and Operation Planning class which he authored.

DICK LING IS A LEGEND, and we are honored to have him speak at NESCON with Carol Ptak (also a legend!)

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    Richard C Ling Inc. 

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    Adaptive S&OP: Surviving, Adapting, and Thriving in the VUCA World