David L. Rivers, CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP

2017 NESCON Supply Chain Hall of Fame Winner

David L. RiversThe 2017 honoree for NESCON’s Supply Chain Hall of Fame Award (the award for OUTSTANDING leadership and contribution to the Supply Chain profession) is David L. Rivers, CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP.

Mr. Rivers’ extensive background in training and education has been focused within the certification education curriculum for APICS; The Association for Supply Chain Management. (http://www.apics.org). Dave served on the APICS Certification Committees for over 15 years. This group of 25 to 30 people comprised of subject matter experts from Academia, Consulting, and Industry develops and maintains the body of knowledge and exam content for the APICS, CPIM, and CSCP Certification programs.

Prior to becoming an independent educator and consultant, Dave was employed within the medical device industry at two Johnson & Johnson Companies: Codman & Shurtleff 1980-1995, and DePuy Orthopaedics 1995-2006, as a Supply Chain Professional. Additionally, Dave has over ten years’ experience in Supply Chain and Service Parts Planning within the electronics industry.

Dave was also an APICS Certified Master CSCP and CPIM instructor, and has also been an instructor at Northeastern University and Middlesex Community College in Massachusetts. He has presented at a number of APICS venues, including: local Chapter Professional Development Meetings, the New England Supply Chain Conference (NESCON), APICS Region 1- Seminar 1, APICS Volunteer Workshops, public and private classes in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and at APICS National Conferences, on a variety of topics a number of times. Dave has also worked on special projects as a Senior Consultant for Demand Planning LLC in Woburn, Massachusetts, with assignments in the US and in Europe, and as a Senior Consultant at Boston Strategies International.

Mr. Rivers received his Bachelor of Science from Northeastern University, and his Master of Science from Lesley University.

Dave has been an APICS member for over 30 years, serving as President for the Boston Chapter of APICS from 2008-2009, and also served from 2011-2012 on the APICS International Board of Directors, as District Director, Northeast United States.

This year’s nomination/steering committee believes that his multiple contributions to the profession, both educationally,and as an expert practitioner within the profession, as well as his multiple contributions leading and volunteering on the various local and International APICS Boards and Committees, have significantly advanced our supply chain profession. Dave is in esteemed company with the legendary standards set by our previous NESCON Supply Chain Hall of Fame winners.

Our 8th Annual Supply Chain Hall of Fame inductee is David L. Rivers, CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP.