Operations (2C): Purpleocity — Creating Sustainable Supply Chain Advantage

Michael D. Ford

Operations (2C): Purpleocity — Creating Sustainable Supply Chain Advantage

“No two species can coexist that make their living in the identical way,” observed Professor G.F. Gause. It may be analogous to dinosaurs becoming extinct because they didn’t adapt. We sometimes forget to apply this important concept to our professional and personal lives.

Purpleocity, which is loosely based on Seth Godin’s Purple Cow theories, takes a light hearted and interactive look at the art of determining, developing and leveraging your core competencies and creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

This high energy session promises to get your creative juices flowing and send you home with dozens of ideas on how to become PURPLE and stand out from the competition!!!

The audience will be engaged in two specific exercises:

1. Identifying an example of a leader who motivated people to produce results, and how they did it
2. What competitive factor will they compete on, i.e. how will they be PURPLE

NOTE: attendees are strongly encouraged to dress in PURPLE for this event!