Opening Keynote: The Current State of the Economy

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Opening Keynote: The Current State of the Economy

Jeff Carr’s economic forecast has been a highlight for the logistics and supply chain conference, for over a decade. Be prepared for current “you probably won’t have read it in the Wall Street Journal yet” data and prognostications. Jeff’s insight and intimate knowledge are the base for how regional industries, institutions, and governments respond to, and interact with, global socio-economic conditions.

Get the economic economic scoop from our Star Economist, just before the national election. Jeff will have what we need to know, as we face either a new or continuing administration – as well as the impact of the Covid pandemic, and the effects of current trade policies. He will tell us what we should expect, as we move forward from the country’s and world’s current circumstances. Prepare questions to ask regarding your industry, region, or supply chain.

Jeff Carr
Economic & Policy Resources, Inc.
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    October 3, 2022 9:00 am

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