Global Supply Chain Recovery After COVID-19

Global Supply Chain Recovery After COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has surely wrought havoc on commerce, society, economic systems, global supply chains… and on practically every person on earth. Every job in the global supply chain has been significantly impacted, as has the flow of global commerce. Indeed, this pandemic coupled with other major global contributors has left the global supply chain in a weakened and vulnerable state.

There is no “rule book” to assist global supply chain professionals, to address uncertainties that are sure to be encountered during the “COVID Recovery Period.” There are however, numerous models, inspired by other global catastrophes, that can be accessed, modified, and applied in the pending recovery period.

This presentation will address initiatives and activities every company should consider, as the world begins to turn on, after COVID begins to fade. Considerations presented will include:

  • Reshoring trends.
  • New “forever” work structure alterations.
  • Lessons-learned from remote workers about supervision, independent work, and performance metrics.
  • Shifts in worker decision rights and information rights.
  • New IT responsibilities to match the new work structure.
  • Rethinking supply chain risk management… assuring supply even in difficult times.
  • Living through the pending “Triple Simultaneous Bullwhip.”
  • Preparing NOW for raw material price inflation.
  • The new mandate for “Sovereign Supply Chains.”

This presentation will also address EIGHT priorities that every manufacturer and distributor should consider when building plans to operate in a post-COVID world. It is our hope that participants will find a smoother path in economic recovery with the actions presented.

Alan G. Dunn
President & Chairman
GDI Consulting & Training Company
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    October 6, 2020 11:00 am
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