The Future of Procurement: From New Normal to Next Normal

The Future of Procurement: From New Normal to Next Normal

COVID-19 has brought about a major disruption in global economic activity and heightened concerns about the security and resiliency of global supply chains.

  • How quickly will growth resume in different geographic markets and industries?
  • Will the populist backlash to decades of increasing globalization accelerate or moderate in coming years?
  • How will geopolitical rivalry between the US and China affect supply chains and the global markets those supply chains support?
  • Will the transition to a low-carbon economy be fast or slow, smooth or jarring?
  • On a brighter note, how will maturing digital technologies like AI transform procurement and supply management?
  • And what will be the impact of Africa’s emergence as a global economic force?

In the face of such massive uncertainty, success will require agility, collaboration (across internal functions and externally with suppliers) and innovation.  During this session we’ll explore ongoing research, as well as case studies from leading organizations, to ensure our organizations are prepared for whatever the future holds.

Jonathan Hughes
Partner, Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Management Practice Leader
Vantage Partners
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    October 7, 2020 11:00 am
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