CPO Breakfast Panel: Thought Leaders Forecast of SCM Critical Changes to 2025

CPO Breakfast Panel: Thought Leaders Forecast of SCM Critical Changes to 2025

Join four of our Track Speakers who always have their finger on the pulse of the future of SCM:

• Andrew Bartolini – Technology and SCM Human Resources Futurist
• Nada Sanders – Operations Visionary Across the Complete Supply Chain
• Jonathan Hughes – Leading Thinker on Strategic Procurement
• Bill Michels – Expert on Key SCM Skill Requirements

Each will have a key example of a leading change that we can expect by 2025. After each of their short predictions, our Moderator will put practical context around the changes, and encourage the audience to pose questions to the panel. Be ready for the future of SCM; don’t be surprised by it!

Moderator: Eliot Madow, CPSM, RVP, Coupa Software, & Adjunct Instructor, Northeastern University

Eliot MadowEliot has over thirty years of experience as both a practitioner and advisor in supply chain management, supply management, outsourcing, supplier relationship management, and information systems design.

Recent positions include the Head of Implementation Services and Customer Value Management, for software companies providing systems to manage suppler risk and compliance. Eliot has managed an outsourcing and procurement advisory consultancy, ran his own consulting practice, held positions as Vice President of Professional Services for a number of supply chain and information systems consultancies, and was the Global Supply Chain CIO for a UK-based chemicals manufacturer.

Eliot holds degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University. He is the past-president of the “ISM Greater Boston” affiliate of the Institute of Supply Management, and holds a “Certified Professional in Supply Management” certification from ISM. He is a speaker and published author on supply management, supplier relationship management, and IT strategy.

Mr. Madow also is an adjunct instructor for Northeastern University in Boston, and teaches courses in supply chain management, operations management, management science, and procurement.

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    October 7, 2019 7:30 am
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