Capacity Planning – Managing Capacity in a Complex & Volatile Long-Lead Environment

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Capacity Planning – Managing Capacity in a Complex & Volatile Long-Lead Environment

Global supply chains appear to be working overtime, just to keep up with ever-changing demand requirements.  It doesn’t appear to make a difference if you are producing food products, communications equipment, or petroleum products.  Your manufacturing suppliers, logistics suppliers, and talent are all running at maximum velocity, and there seems to be no end in sight.

Supply chain participants all deal with, on a daily basis, global commerce that is becoming exceedingly complex, more volatile, more uncertain, confusing and at times, driven by ambiguous and untrustworthy information.  In global supply chains, this often leads to an explosion in lead times, resulting in many simultaneous planning uncertainties.  In turn, this results in extreme difficulties planning resource capacities.

What the panel speakers will outline to our NESCON 2022 attendees is as follows:

  • How does your company (or clients) address these numerous enterprise performance complications, and what initiatives have you taken to manage your resource capacities, in this new overly complex and volatile world?
  • What is your company (or clients) doing to manage the impact of expanding and uncertain lead-times, on your factory/distribution center capacities?

This year’s participants will benefit greatly from our panel’s insights and wisdom.  Who wants to jump in on the first question?

Alejandro (Alex) Bustamante
Senior Advisor to Poly CEO Dave Shull and the Poly Board of Directors
Dan Raatjes
SVP & Chief Operations Officer
King's Hawaiian Holding Co.
Shari Ruelas
General Manager of Commercial Products
Chevron Supply Chain Optimization Industry US & ASCM Int’l Board of Directors
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    October 3, 2022 11:45 am

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