10 Leadership Lessons Nobody Will Teach You!

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10 Leadership Lessons Nobody Will Teach You!

Leadership is not an exact science, and nobody can really learn how to lead a team from a textbook.  While some people have talent for it, every leader’s performance can only improve through continuous training and practice. However, it is impossible to ever be perfect or flawless when leading others, and making mistakes in the process is inevitable.  Many leaders often have to learn the hard way how to be a good leader, and what pitfalls to avoid throughout their careers.

Leadership requires a certain type of lifestyle and patience, and involves making difficult and countless decisions. While leaders are expected to provide for all contingencies, there is often no instant reward for hard work and tireless effort; many leaders struggle to build up great teams based on an inner fear of being outpaced by others.

What are the important cornerstones of becoming a great leader?  On what grounds should leaders make important team decisions, and how do dogs fit into the concept of successful leadership?

In this presentation, Hannes will teach you ten essential lessons – based on his own experience, and verifying little-known concepts – that will ultimately help both new and experienced leaders to step up their leadership game.

Hannes Hunschofsky
Managing Director
EIT Manufacturing East
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    October 3, 2022 10:55 am

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