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New England Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition

2015 New England Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition - Mark Chockalingam Presentation

"Extreme" Negotiations with Difficult Suppliers
Jonathan Hughes, Partner, Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Management Practice Leader, Vantage Partners

Negotiating with suppliers is one of the most fundamental, and important, responsibilities of sourcing and procurement professionals. But even the most experienced negotiators find themselves challenged when negotiating with single and sole source suppliers — or any situation where the stakes are high and the other side seems to have all the leverage. Over the years, Jon and Vantage Partners have explored lessons about negotiating in high-stakes, high-pressure situations — lessons related to complex negotiations in the business world.

In 2013, Vantage Partners published a follow-up article in Supply Chain Management Review about experiences applying real-world lessons and advice for extreme negotiations in the supply chain context. This presentation will provide leading-edge strategies & tools for extreme negotiations with difficult suppliers, things you can bring back to your office and practice with your own difficult suppliers. Jon will illustrate their application through a number of real-world case-studies that have proven effective in the past.

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