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New England Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition

2015 New England Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition - Andy Pratico Presentation

Cut Through the Hype – A Fresh Approach to ERP Selection
Andy Pratico, International Business Development Manager, Synergy Resources

Survey after survey indicates that the majority (75%) of companies are dissatisfied with their current ERP systems. There are plenty of theories why implementations have problems:

• Poor planning or no planning at all
• Top Management not involved or did not commit to the project
• Unreliable data
• Lack of training or implementation assistance
• Poor selection process
• Lost project momentum
• Business processes are not corrected

All of the above may contribute to implementation failure, but the key reason is more fundamental. The problem is that the legacy selection process that is commonly used is flawed.

The Generally Accepted Approach:

The legacy selection approach typically used by most companies includes the following:    

1. Develop a detailed multi-page novel called the "system requirements list" and send to all software vendors to fill out (honestly) thereby confirming which match.
2. The selection team then shoulders the arduous task of reviewing "sales demos" in an attempt to decipher the differences.
3. You now call references to confirm that companies are happy with their systems. Where did you get the references?
4. And voila ... you have selected the very best system for your company. Or have you?
It all seems very logical, but it obviously does not work if more than 70% of companies using this process end up being unsatisfied with their selection.

A Fresh Approach To Selecting ERP Systems:

The most important factor in selecting a new system is: to make sure your company will be successful with the new system. A different approach to ERP software selection is needed that avoids the pitfalls of the traditional process. In this session you will:
• Learn how to get information about the real performance you can expect from an ERP solution.
• Learn some of the techniques used by software vendors to make their product shine in a demo.
• Learn how to request references so the vendor can't give you their best three customers.
By following this simple process with emphasis on the unique requirements of your organization, you will not only get the right system fit for your company, you will increase your chances of successful implementation.

Conference Chair note: Andy is a VERY dynamic speaker who I can personally vouch for as one of the best speakers I have ever seen!

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